Global Expert Steering Group


Globally represented, the GASPH Expert Steering Group will have oversight and make decisions on the strategic direction of GASPH.  Members are appointed for their expertise and will serve an initial 3 year term of office, extendable by a second and final term.

The Chair will be nominated by partner organisations and members of the Expert Steering Group and elected by the Expert Steering Group.  The Chair will serve a fixed three year term of office.


Adrian Brink, Professor of the Division Medical Microbiology, Cape Town, South Africa
Sherif Kamal, Pharmacy Programs Lead, Egypt

David van Duin, Associate Professor Infectious Disease, USA
Sylvia Hinrsichen, ID Consultant and Prof Tropical Medicine, Brazil
Maria Virginia Villegas, ID Consultant, Columbia

David Jenkins, Consultant Microbiologist /BSAC President, England
Dilip Nathwani, Emeritus Professor and ID Physician, Scotland (Founding Chair)
Kordo Saeed, Consultant Microbiologist, England, United Kingdom
Robert Skov, ICARS, Denmark
Jacqueline Sneddon, Pharmacist, BSAC Programmes Manager, Scotland
Andreas Voss, Professor of Medical Microbiology, The Netherlands

South-East Asia
Anucha Apisarnthanarak, Professor and Chief of Infectious Diseases, Thailand
Priscilla Rupali, Professor and Head of Infectious Diseases, India
Dr Chand Wattal, Chairman Clinical Microbiology & Immunology. India

Western Asia
Mushira Enani, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Adult ID, Saudi Arabia
Jameela Mohammed Al-Salman, Associate Prof of Medicine, Geriatric Consultant, Bahrain

Western Pacific
David Lye, Singapore
Xiao Yonghong, Vice Director, State Key Laboratory for ID, China